Social Dynamics Program


    The Social Dynamics Program introduces its students to such fields as sociology, cultural anthropology and history. Through extensive study, students will gain a deeper understanding of how social interactions influence our daily lives as well as our place in the world. While the Social Dynamics Program explores the worldwide social impact of globalization, it provides a more in-depth examination of Asian, African and European nations. Through hands-on fieldwork experience, students in this program have the opportunity to develop their practical skills and actively engage in international communication.


    The ‘Social Dynamics’ Advanced Module provides education on social and cultural transformation in the modern age. This module comprises subjects in the fields of sociology, cultural anthropology, and history, emphasizing the study of diversity in the era of globalization. The distinguishing feature of this program is its focus on fieldwork, with many subjects related to issues concerning geographical locations in Asia and Africa.

    Participation in a medium- to long-term study abroad program is not mandatory in this program. However, study abroad opportunities are available for interested students who fulfill the necessary criteria. Credits gained abroad will be counted as part of students’ required coursework credits.

    Several faculty members associated with the Social Dynamics Program have extensive fieldwork experience and, thus, have the expertise to guide students to get the most out of their time abroad. By combining classroom instruction with the valuable practical experience they gain in the field, students have the opportunity to develop their analytic and communicative abilities.


    In their second year, students of the Social Dynamics Program are required to take all 6 classes in the ‘Social and Cultural Interactions’ Foundation Module. In addition, they are also required to take 3 classes from one of the following two Foundation Modules: the ‘Mechanisms of Global Society’ Module or the ‘Language and Culture’ Module (i.e., presented as Supplementary Modules in the Figure below).

    Subsequently, in their third and fourth years, students are required to take 10 classes in the ‘Social Dynamics’ Advanced Module. Further, they are also required to take 5 classes from one of the following two Advanced Modules: the ‘Global Studies’ Module or the ‘Culture and Communication’ Module (i.e., presented as Supplementary Modules in the Figure below).