Study Abroad


    The School of Global Humanities and Social Sciences (SGHSS) actively promotes study abroad among its students in order to foster a more in-depth advancement of their language skills, academic expertise, and multicultural experience. All SGHSS students are required to participate in a short-term study abroad program, and students in the Global Society Program and the Dutch Studies Program are required to participate in a medium- to long-term study program. Additionally, Overseas Fieldwork is available as a part of the Fieldwork Module.

    Short-Term Study

    In their first and second years, all students are required to participate in a short-term study abroad program This program aims to develop students’ English, and to help them experience cross-cultural exchange through participation in programs offered by overseas partner universities. Students’ performance in this program will be assessed as a part of their General Education foreign language requirements.


    Medium-Term and Long-Term Study Options


    Medium- to long-term study abroad programs serve to improve students’ academic and language skills. In addition, the longer study abroad programs encourage students to be independent and to adapt themselves to new situations in another culture. These experiences are indispensible in developing the skills needed to adapt in the modern globalized world.

    All students enrolled in the Global Studies Program and the Dutch Studies Program are required to participate in a medium- to long-term study abroad stay, ranging from six months to one year. Students from the other two programs (i.e., the Social Dynamics and Culture and Communication Programs) will also be encouraged to take part in either the medium- or long-term study abroad program.

    All medium-term and long-term study abroad programs are conducted in accordance with exchange programs arranged through inter-university partnership agreements and memoranda of understanding, which allow students to take credited subjects abroad while being enrolled and paying tuition fees at the home university.

    In order to participate in a study abroad program, students have to meet academic-based and language-skill requirements. A minimal level of English language proficiency is required, which is a score of at least 550 on the TOEFL PBT or equivalent. The SGHSS offers summer intensive language programs to make sure that all students surpass this level when applying for an exchange program.

    Students’ performance in medium- and long-term study abroad programs will be assessed on an individual basis, by comparing the contents of the subjects studied abroad with those in the SGHSS.


    Overseas Fieldwork


    The Overseas Fieldwork Practicum is an elective subject of the Fieldwork Module and it is conducted according to the conditions set out in each of the specific medium- and long-term study abroad programs.

    Students can select from several locations, most of which are in Asia or Africa. Through meeting and interacting with others in the field, students can improve their communication skills and put their academic knowledge to practice.

    In addition to boosting students’ academic standing, experience gained through participation in the Overseas Fieldwork Practicum helps students develop the type of confidence and independence that will serve them well in their life and work after graduation.