International Exchange Students ~Things to do before enrollment~


1. Things to do before enrollment



2. Academic Calendar

Spring Semester (8 Apr. 2024 ~ 7 Aug. 2024)


First Quarter

 Second Quarter


Apr. 8 (Mon) ~ Jun. 10 (Mon)

Jun. 11 (Tue) ~ Aug. 7 (Wed)

Online Orientation

(by SGHSS)


March 19 (Tue)  16:00~17:30 (by ZOOM) 

●Only for Special Auditing Students(特別聴講学生のみ参加)

●Detailed information will be provided to special auditing students via email at a later date.

 Please download the file before joining the Orientation

  2024 Spring Orientation for International Students (Mar.19 Updated)


Course Registration


<Japanese Language Program>    Mar.14 (Thur) 13:00 ~ Mar. 26 (Tue) 17:00 (JPT)

●All procedures for placement tests, registration, changes, etc. for the Japanese language program are handled by the Student Exchange Support division, so please be careful not to confuse with other course procedures.

Note that NO course registration request will be accepted after the deadline.




 <SGHSS Courses / General Education (GE) Courses / Other faculty courses>

March 19 (Tue) ~ March 22 (Fri) 15:00(JPT)

●Only for Special Auditing Students(特別聴講学生のみ)

●Information on the Course List and Course Registration Sheet will be provided by email.

●Students must fill in the “Course Registration Sheet”, and obtain approval from their supervisor, then submit it to the Student Affairs Section (多文化社会学部学務係) via E-mail no later than Mar.22 (Fri).

Note In principle, students must obtain approval to take the course from their academic supervisor, but in exceptional cases, if no reply is received from the supervisor by the submission deadline, the course registration Sheet may be submitted without obtaining permission.

 Note any course registration request will NOT be accepted after the deadline.



First day of class

April 8 (Mon)

Final examinations    (or Make-up classes)

Jun. 4 (Tue) ~ Jun. 10 (Mon)

Aug. 1 (Thu) ~ Aug. 7 (Wed)

Make-up examinations

Jun. 12 (Wed)

Aug. 9 (Fri)

Summer Vacation

Aug. 8  (Thu)  ~  Sep. 29 (Sun)

Interview with Supervisor

every six months (June-July and December-January) Mandatory 


3. Course Registration Flow (Only for Special Auditing Students)




4. Course Registration Requirement (Only for Special Auditing Students)


■ Rules

1. A half of your courses must be selected from the SGHSS Courses.

2. Minimum of 10 hours worth of courses per week (amounts to a minimum of 7 courses per week) throughout the whole semester.


・1Q courses + first semester = more than 10 hours of classes per week (7 subjects equivalent) 
・2Q courses + first semester = more than 10 hours of classes per week (7 subjects equivalent)

3. Japanese Language Courses (Non-credit) will be counted as the number of class hours. 

4. Maximum course load is 24 credits per semester(amounts to approx. 12 courses per semester).


■ Japanese Language Requirement for courses offered in Japanese

・Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) Level N2 or above


■ English Language Requirement for courses offered in English

・A minimum TOEFL iBT overall score of 79
・A minimum TOEFL PBT overall score of 550
・A minimum IELTS overall band score of 6.0
・CEFR Level B2 or above
・If your home language is English, or if your primary language of instruction at school has been English, you are exempt from this requirement.

5. Important Notes in Course Registration (Only for Special Auditing Students)

To avoid course registration errors, please review the following checkpoints when selecting courses and filling out the registration sheet:


■ Checkpoint

  Are the courses you intend to register mostly selected from the SGHSS Courses?
  Did you select over 7 courses per week for the duration of the Spring semester (throughout both the 1st and the 2nd quarter) to meet the Student Visa requirement (a minimum of 10 hours worth of courses per week)?
  Did you select courses so as not to exceed 24 credits (approximately 12 courses) per semester?
  If you wish to take courses offered in Japanese, do you fulfill the Japanese language requirement (JLPT Level 2 or above)?
  If you wish to take courses offered in English, do you fulfill the English language requirement?
  Have you checked the syllabus for the course content and timetable before selecting?


■ Courses from the Faculty of Economics:経済学部科目

The Faculty of Economics is located on the Katafuchi Campus, which is a 40-50 minute tram from the Bunkyo Campus. Therefore, be careful not to select a course offered at the Bunkyo Campus right before or after a course offered at the Faculty of Economics.


■ General Education Courses:教養教育科目 

Courses marked with “★” on the course list will have a lottery if there are too many students enrolled. Please check your course registration status on NU-Web after 10:00 on April 9, when the lottery results will be reflected.

Only those who were not selected in the lottery may choose an alternate course and submit a course registration sheet by April 12.

 How to check course registration status 


■ Intensive Courses:集中講義

Be sure to check the syllabus for the latest schedule, as the schedule for Intensive courses and courses with “Other”  on the course list are subject to change or are not yet determined.


■ Syllabus

Class schedules and classrooms are subject to change, so be sure to check the Syllabus for the latest updates on the course you wish to take. 


6. How to add・change・drop courses (Only for Special Auditing Students)

 During the course registration period, students may add, change, or withdraw courses.  If not revised as instructed below, it will be difficult to identify which courses have been added or deleted.  Be sure that No requests are accepted after the deadline.
[Step1] Courses to be “added” should be indicated in Red. Courses to be “deleted” should be struck through and indicated in Red
[Step2] Send the revised Course Registration Sheet” to your supervisor by e-mail and gain his/her approval.
[Step3] Send the approved Course Registration Sheet to the SGHSS Student Affairs Section by e-mail.
  [Note]  To request to add or drop courses of the Japanese Language Program, students MUST directly contact the Student Exchange Support division. 
7. Things to do after enrollment

To use the university’s online systems, a student ID and password which is automatically assigned to each student after enrollment are required. The Student Affairs Section will distribute these to each student after enrollment. Once student ID/PW has been received,  please sign in to each system to learn how to use it.


■  Change the initial password & Set up Chodai Wi-Fi (free Wi-Fi on campus) 

International students can use Chodai Wi-Fi (free Wi-Fi on campus). Follow the instructions below to set it up.


❶ To use Chodai Wi-Fi, you need to access the Integrated Authentication Service at the following URL and change your initial password (accessible only on campus).

 ▶ Login to Integrated Authentication Service(総合認証システム)

 ▶ How to change the initial password

• ID is “bb8-digit student ID”

• password is your date of birth “yyyy/mm/dd”.


❷ After changing the initial password, search the Wi-fi network and connect to NUNET_BUNKYOMACHII-2. And then entering the security key “NUNet_Wlan_2010_secret“, the log-in screen will appear. Enter your ID and new password.

For details, please refer to the Chodai Wi-Fi setup instructions.


■ Activate NU student E-mail address

Important notifications about classes will be sent to your NU student email address, so be sure to set up your account to be active. For detailed instructions on how to use it, see the following web page. If the setup seems difficult, please ask your tutor to help with it.

• Account: bb Student    [Example]

• Password: Student ID password


■ Nagasaki University Web System (NU-Web)

Students can refer to the following information through the Nagasaki University Web System (NU-Web).
(syllabus, class evaluation, grade, credit acquisition status, and the timetable of regular examinations, etc.)

▶ Login to NU-Web:

 How to use NU-Web (学務情報システム)


■ LACS: Learning Assessment & Communication System

LACS has many functions, including receiving messages from faculties regarding classes, distributing and viewing lecture materials, submitting assignments and reports, and testing. most of the class instructors use LACS for their classes, so please check this system regularly.

▶ Login to LACS :

▶ How to use LACS 


■ Student-Teacher Interview (Mandatory)

• Your supervisor will conduct a Student-Teacher Interview semiannually (Jun-Jul, Dec-Jan).
• When your supervisor asks you for an interview, your full cooperation will be appreciated.


■ When Traveling Overseas and Re-entering  (Mandatory)

❶ When traveling abroad, all students are required to register the necessary information on the ” Online System for Overseas Travel Registration ”  and submit a ” Notice of Temporary Leave “ in paper form to the SGHSS Student Affairs Section at least two weeks prior to the trip.
❷ Note that the signature of your academic supervisor is required on the “Notice of Temporary Leave”.
❸ After your return from abroad, it is required to register and submit a “Notice of Re-entry” in the same manner as above.
▶ Login to Overseas Travel Registration:
8. Attendance/Absence /Cancellations/ Make-up Classes

┃Class Attendance Sheet

┃Class Absence Sheet


┃Class Cancellations / Make-up Classes



9. Support

10. Campus Map

 Access and Campus Map (Bunkyo Campus)



11. Documents & Manual Links

You can download each file (PDF) or see the instructions from the following links. 


長崎大学大学院|多文化社会学研究科 長崎大学|多文化社会学部


National University Corporation, Nagasaki University

School of Global Humanities and Social Sciences:
1-14, Bunkyo-machi, Nagasaki City, Nagasaki, 852-8521