Nagasaki University

University Organization

Presently, Nagasaki University comprises 9 faculties and schools, 7 graduate schools, 1 research institute, and 11 joint-use facilities with 9625 students (including 549 international students) and 3195 faculty and administrative staff. Nagasaki University has research centers abroad, and is participating in academic exchanges with 261 overseas universities and research institutes.

Recently, Nagasaki University has made great strides in developing its educational and research infrastructure, and the Institute of Tropical Medicine has played a central role in this regard by participating in international projects involving developing countries, most notably in Africa. As a way to broaden and enrich students’ experiences and perspectives of the world, the School of Global Humanities and Social Sciences plans to utilize these relationships and the resources that they provide.

Nagasaki University comprises three main campuses (with additional sites located through the city): Bunkyo Campus, Katafuchi Campus, and Sakamoto Campus. Bunkyo Campus is the largest of the three, and most of the faculties, graduate schools, and research facilities are located there. Katafuchi Campus houses the Faculty of Economics, the Graduate School of Economics, and the Institute of Southeast Asian Studies, while Sakamoto Campus houses the School of Medicine, the School of Dentistry, the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences, the Institute of Tropical Medicine, and the University Hospital. In recent years, Nagasaki University has carried out major reconstruction projects designed to renovate and modernize all three campuses. With its modern, eco-friendly and beautifully designed structures, Nagasaki University provides the type of aesthetic and stimulating environment in which student can truly flourish.

The School of Global Humanities and Social Sciences is located in Nagasaki University’s main campus: the Bunkyo Campus. Students have everything they need to conduct their studies and enjoy their student life in one location. Bunkyo Campus is conveniently located on one of Nagasaki’s main roads (Route 206), which offers frequent and easy-to-use streetcar and bus services. From Bunkyo Campus, it is only a short walk (less than 15 minutes) to Nagasaki Peace Park (Southbound) and the Sumiyoshi shopping area (Northbound), and it is only a short streetcar ride (less than 30 minutes) to such popular destinations as the Nagasaki train and bus stations, Nagasaki Port, Nagasaki City Hall, Nagasaki city and prefectural libraries, Hamanomachi shopping arcade, and countless other shopping areas and tourist attractions in and around the city center.