Nagasaki University

Nagasaki: An Ideal Location

Nagasaki Prefecture is located at the western end of the Japanese archipelago in the island of Kyushu. It is attractively situated on the west coast of the island at the lower end of Nagasaki Bay. With a population of approximately 450 000, Nagasaki City is the prefectural capital and fifth largest city in Kyushu. Because of its close proximity, Nagasaki has over centuries served as Japan’s gateway to China and other Southeast Asian nations. Furthermore, Nagasaki has also long served as a window to the Netherlands and other parts of Europe. Due to its geographical location and its unique history, Nagasaki is blessed with historic vestiges, cultural assets, folk arts and festivals that combine Eastern and Western cultures. With its magnificent natural beauty and its storied past, Nagasaki is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Japan.

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Nagasaki can be reached via various access routes. Visitors from abroad commonly fly to Tokyo (Narita International Airport) or Osaka (Kansai International Airport) and proceed to Nagasaki by domestic airline or railroad. Visitors from Asian countries may fly to Fukuoka International Airport and proceed to Nagasaki by railroad or highway bus. Recently, Fukuoka International Airport has been expanding its services to include direct flights to and from a number of countries outside Asia. Visitors can travel from Fukuoka to Nagasaki by train or by highway bus in approximately 2 hours.