Study in the SGHSS

Life in Nagasaki


Foreign students have the opportunity to stay in one of our university dormitories. Nagasaki University currently has two international dormitories, Nishimachi International House and Sakamoto International House, with a combined capacity of approximately 160 international students and researchers. The Nishimachi International House is located about 10~15 minutes on foot from the Bunkyo Campus and is conveniently situated close to the Sumiyoshi and Coco-walk shopping areas. The Sakamoto Campus, which comprises the Schools of Medicine and Dentistry, is located about 20-30 minutes on foot from the Bunkyo Campus. Presently, Nagasaki University is building a third dormitory near Nishimachi International House.

Foreign students also have opportunity to stay in private quarters if they wish. Information regarding private apartments for students is available at the University co-op store for a few months around the turn of the school year, and is also available at real estate agencies in close vicinity to Nagasaki University. Rentals for off-campus, single-room apartments usually fall within 30,000 to 50,000 Yen per month.

Student Support

The SGHSS has established an extensive support system that involves administrative, academic and office staff. One group of this support system called “Coaching Fellows” (whose primary duties are to advise students and assist teachers in the SGHSS) will serve at the forefront in providing assistance to foreign students in the SGHSS in every aspect of life here at Nagasaki University. Additional support is provided at the Liaison Center for International Education or volunteer networks introduced by the municipal and prefectural governments.

Other Nagasaki University Facilities

Cafeterias & Shops

Nagasaki University has a cafeteria on each of its three main campuses. Each cafeteria offers a variety of foods including Japanese, Western, vegetarian and halal dishes. In addition, there are many restaurants and coffee shops near the three campuses that make up Nagasaki University. Furthermore, on every campus there is also a co-op shop, which provides various services including a bookstore, travel agency and Banking services (i.e., through Automatic Teller Machines).


The university library system is composed of the central library in the Bunkyo Campus as well as adjunct libraries in each faculty. These libraries contain a large number of books and journals (i.e., in Japanese and English), and many electronic materials are accessible online. Moreover, wireless Internet access and study cubicles are also available, and English support, is provided to foreign students who need help with anything.

Sports Grounds

Nagasaki University houses various sports facilities, which include a gymnasium, soccer and baseball fields, basketball and tennis courts, a running track and other facilities available for individual and club activities. In addition, indoor swimming pools and other public sport facilities are located in the vicinity of the university.

Student Clubs

A wide range of extra-curricular activities are offered at Nagasaki University. Some of these activities are organized into student clubs and managed by students. The themes/activities of student clubs range from athletics to academics and from cultural to vocational. Foreign students have many options, as there are currently more than 100 clubs and societies for them to consider. Students who are particularly interested in traditional Japanese culture often join clubs involving the martial arts and/or Japanese tea ceremony.

Nagasaki University Festival

Nagasaki University Festival is an annual festival that is organized by our students. It is held every November and has become one of the highlights on the student calendar. Along with local citizens and visitors, students can sample some of the delicious cuisine prepared by the organizers and take in a wide range of live entertainment exhibits such as musical concerts, karaoke contests, open lectures, etc.