Study in the SGHSS

Incoming Exchange Students

The SGHSS is excited to welcome students from partner universities and institutions. Incoming exchange students who participate in an exchange program have to meet similar criteria to those required by the SGHSS of its students going overseas. General requirements include English language proficiency that is equivalent to a score of at least 550 on the TOEFL PBT (or equivalent), satisfactory academic standing in their home university, and basic knowledge in the Liberal Arts, Humanities or Social Sciences, comparable to the completion of the second year of studies in the SGHSS. Exchange students have to reach a level of at least the JLPT Level 2 (or equivalent) in order to take classes conducted in Japanese. In such cases in which students only want to attend classes conducted in Japanese, the above-mentioned English language proficiency requirements are judged on an individual basis ( about Student Exchange Programs).

The Center for Japanese Language and Student Exchange offers classes on the Japanese language as well as culture.
These classes provide students with opportunities to improve Japanese proficiency and explore various aspects of Japanese culture.
Students will develop intercultural understanding of one another’s culture through interacting with those from different backgrounds.