Graduate School of Global Humanities and Social Sciences

Entrance Examination (Doctoral Course)

Department Department of Global Humanities and Social Sciences
Quota 3 students
(Including all examination categories)
Degree Doctor of Philosophy

Admission Policy (AP)

1. Desired Applicants
Based on the educational philosophy, educational and research aims, the DP, and the CP, we seek students with the following qualities:

(1) Education in and knowledge of the humanities and social sciences.

(2) An ability to understand and empathize with the 21st century multicultural social situation characterized by an asymmetrical and unequal society, growing risks associated with the unequal distribution of resources, and friction and conflict between ethnic groups, religions, cultures, nation states, etc., which are creating various complex problems accompanying greater intersection and convergence in the world.

(3) An interest in interacting with people from various backgrounds in the world at large and contributing to developing a global society and global welfare

2. Basic Applicant Selection Policy
We conduct four types of entrance examinations: General, Professional, International Students, and Internal Advancement. Please do not fail to contact your prospective supervisor in advance before submitting your application. Consult them fully about your entrance examination, the content of your research, and the language in which guidance will be provided.

3. Applicant Selection Method
In general entrance examinations including those for professionals and international students and regarding the selection of students advancing to university, we select students who possess an education in and knowledge of global humanities and social sciences. The relevant entrance examination will be determined and judged comprehensively based on the application documents and performance in an oral test. We will use the research plan, research results from the master’s thesis, etc., and the academic results certificate as the basis for the oral test.

Table for the selection method

Evaluation method for required aptitude and its relative weight (most prioritized: ++, prioritized; +)

Entrance Examination for International Students

The selection process is the same for all examination categories: the general entrance examination, entrance examination for professionals, the entrance examination for international students, and the selection of students advancing to doctoral studies. The process is based on applicants’ scores on the oral test, and successful applicants are determined in order of the highest score. However, applicants will not be accepted if there is a significantly low score in any of the evaluation items (specialized knowledge, interest and motivation in conducting research, and outline, originality and novelty of research theme and plan) in the oral test.

Oral test (oral test to examine the contents of the application documents)
In the oral test, based on their submitted research plan and other documents, applicants will be asked to explain their master’s thesis or alternative research achievements, research theme, and plan for research after admission. This will be followed by a question-and-answer session in Japanese or English to assess their specialized knowledge, interest and motivation in conducting research, as well as the outline, originality and novelty of their research theme and plan, the language skills required for each applicant’s research project, and communication skills needed in practical settings in the humanities and social sciences.

Application period (The application documents must be sent as registered express mail )

Preliminary screening documents No later than 5:00 p.m. on September 30, 2024.
Application period  From November 25, 2024 to November 29, 2024, 5:00 p.m.



・Applicants are required to contact their preferred supervisor before applying and fully consult them about the application process, the applicants wish to pursue, and the language of instruction.
If you do not know the contact information for your preferred supervisor, please contact the Student Affairs Section ( mail to: hss_gakumu● Upon sending the email, please replace the “●” with an “@” )